How to Write a Great Script with Fade In Professional

Fade In Professional is fast becoming one of the most popular screenwriting programs in Hollywood because of its low cost. Learn how to organize and structure your story using Fade In Professional's features.

The 15 Minute Movie Method

Before you start writing, stop. You need to structure your ideas and plan your story before you start writing. By crafting a well-defined and structured story, you'll find writing a screenplay can actually be effortless once you know your ending and how to outline your story to get from the beginning to that climactic ending.

How to Write a Great Script With Final Draft 10

Final Draft is the standard for Hollywood screenwriting. Learn how to use Final Draft 10's basic and advanced features to write and plot your screenplay. Updated to cover Final Draft 10's latest features including the Story Map, Beat Board, alternative dialogue, and real-time, online collaboration features.

Making a Scene

A scene is a mini-story that forms the building block of a screenplay. If you can write compelling scenes, you'll write compelling screenplays. This book shows the techniques for making every scene special and memorable.

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