Free Mini-Course on Scene Writing

Almost everyone has a good idea for a movie. The problem is turning that good idea into a good screenplay. Where most people stumble is that they focus on writing a full-length screenplay, which is like learning to ride a bike by entering the Tour de France.

As a beginner, tackling a full screenplay is too intimidating. Instead, try writing a single scene from your story and make that scene as compelling as possible. Then write another scene and then another. Before you know it, you’ll have a series of scenes that you can link together to start creating your full-length screenplay.

To help writers learn how to write a scene, visit my free mini-course on scene writing. In this free mini-course, you’ll learn:

  • Why posing questions is far more important than giving answers
  • Why every scene should create expectations and then shatter them
  • How to outline the beginning and ending of a scene
  • The four main parts of every scene
  • How to start a scene with a mystery, a promise and a goal to grab attention
  • How to create a problem that needs solving
  • Why you should always make it harder for characters to solve a problem
  • Why every scene must resolve the initial problem
  • How to make a scene more compelling through action and dialogue

If you can’t write a good scene, chances are good you won’t be able to write a good screenplay. However, if you can write a good scene, chances are good you’ll be able to string a bunch of good scenes together and make a good screenplay.

The best way to write a screenplay isn’t to tackle it as one monolithic project, but as separate, related stories. That’s why you need to learn to write scenes before you try to write a screenplay.

So try my free mini-course on scene writing. I’d love to get your feedback before I complete my entire online course on screenwriting.

Free mini-course on scene writing.

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