“How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft 9” Now Available

In Hollywood, Final Draft is the standard for screenwriting, so if you’re using Final Draft 9, you may be interested in my latest e-book, “How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft 9,” which explains how to plan and organize your screenplay ideas.

Although you can plan and organize your ideas using any word processor, you may find Final Draft 9’s features especially handy for storing all your thoughts in a single file for easy access. Final Draft 9 lets you create multiple notes that you can save and review as you write so you don’t have to lose valuable time hunting for your notes each time you work on your screenplay.

Unlike most computer book tutorials that overwhelm you with every possible feature a program has to offer, “How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft 9” focuses only on teaching you how to structure your screenplay using the most useful features of Final Draft. Not only will you learn how to use Final Draft, but you’ll also learn how to design your story so writing the actual screenplay will be much easier and enjoyable. Instead of wondering why your screenplay doesn’t work, you’ll have more time to polish a well-structured story with far fewer headaches.

If you’re using Final Draft 9, then you might find “How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft 9” a refreshing change that teaches you both how to design a story and use Final Draft at the same time whether you’re using the Windows or Macintosh version.

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