How to Write a Screenplay in 15 Minutes a Day

If I told you that you could write a screenplay in 15 minutes a day, you might scoff. However, it’s true. If you take 15 minutes out of every day and spend those 15 minutes focused on reading, studying, or writing screenplays, eventually you’ll achieve your goal of writing a complete script and selling it.

Is 15 minutes a day enough? Nope, but it’s better than 0 minutes a day, which is what too many aspiring screenwriters wind up doing. Anyone can take 15 minutes out of their day either during lunch, in the morning, after work, or before going to bed. Spend 15 minutes every day studying screenplays and writing scripts, and you’ll eventually build up your knowledge and skill.

Of course, if you want faster results, you’ll have to work more than 15 minutes a day, but always work a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Once you get started, it’s much easier to keep going than to start with a much larger goal (such as writing for 1 hour a day), and then feeling overwhelmed by the whole task. Start with 15 minutes a day. You know you can do it and knowing that you can do it is the first step to achieving any goal.

Spend those 15 minutes a day either reading scripts, studying movies, or writing screenplays. It’s easy to waste all your time studying movies and reading screenwriting books, but never getting down to the part of actually writing a screenplay. Remember, writing is your most valuable teacher as you basically teach yourself as you go along, so make sure you spend part of every 15 minutes each day writing something.

Like any habit, once you start working on your screenwriting career in only 15 minutes a day, you’ll find it’s much easier to keep going. As long as you keep pursuing your goal, you’ll be much farther ahead of someone who never takes that first step at all.

How much can you accomplish in 15 minutes? Enough to get started and make a tiny bit of progress, that’s all you need. You’re not going to become an overnight success in one day. Even Steven Spielberg didn’t become an overnight success. Just slow, consistent, patient effort will win out in the long run. Every step you take brings you closer to your dream of becoming a professional screenwriter. Look at it this way. Five years from now you can either have the same dreams of becoming a screenwriter as you do right now, or you can be further along your quest than when you started five years ago.

Writing for 15 minutes a day is achievable and believable. You know you can do it and you know you can achieve it. So get started right now. Five years from now when you’ve been writing for at least 15 minutes every day, you’ll be glad you did.

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