Ranking Pixar Movies

Pixar Animation has consistently produced some of the best movies of the year. Ignore the fact that they’re animated and the story line of each Pixar movie is still superb. By studying Pixar movies, you can learn a lot about effective story telling. MSN has an article ranking the best Pixar movies </a>so take a peek at what they consider the best and watch the movies for yourself to see if you agree.

According to MSN, the best Pixar movie is “WALL-E,” which is especially interesting to watch because a large majority of the film is nearly silent, yet we still learn what WALL-E wants and we see the world that he inhabits while still understanding the basic story. “WALL-E” is an example of a movie that tells a story without dialogue and still blows away most movies that muddle their stories in favor of special effects and car crashes.

In studying “WALL-E,” examine how Pixar modeled WALL-E after Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character. WALL-E is a garbage collecting robot so he’s already an underdog with such a lowly job. Then he’s curious and clunky looking, especially when compared to the futuristic Eve, which was modeled after an iPod for its white, sleek appearance.

“WALL-E” is a perfect example of telling a story well without dialogue and relying entirely on images. When writing your own screenplay, try to model that approach.

Use images first and when images fail, then use dialogue, but try to avoid dialogue as much as possible. By doing so, you may find yourself telling your story more visually and creatively that will make your movie stand out from the crowd.

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