Software Will Not Make You a Better Writer

There are plenty of software programs on the market to help you write stories and screenplays. While all of these products work, don’t make the mistake in thinking that these software programs will make you a better writer. You have to become a better writer by practicing the craft of screenwriting first.

For example, the standard screenwriting program in Hollywood is Final Draft. Final Draft was one of the first script writing programs on the market and Hollywood standardized on its file format. As a result, screenwriters found it easier to use Final Draft to share and collaborate on screenplays rather than convert files by using a different screenwriting program.

So if you want to become a screenwriter, the first purchase many people make is buying a copy of Final Draft. However, Final Draft by itself won’t make you a better screenwriter any more than buying a race car will turn you into a race car driver. Final Draft is a great tool once you know what you’re doing, but you need to learn how to write a screenplay first.

The most important purchase you can make is a screenwriting program to help you write scripts, but don’t feel you need Final Draft initially. What you need is to practice writing scripts so you can familiar with telling a story in screenplay format and sharpening your skills in telling a compelling story in any format.

Once you know how to tell a compelling story in a screenplay format, then you can worry about buying a particular script writing program like Final Draft. To get started, you can find many lower cost script writing programs to help learn how to format screenplays. You might want to stick with these lower cost alternatives or graduate to Final Draft when you sell your first screenplay.

The bottom line is that no software program will magically make you a better writer. That takes time, practice, and patience, which no computer program can help you achieve on its own.

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