Studying Pixar Shorts

Pixar has put out some of the best animated movies in history with classics such as “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” and “Finding Nemo.” To understand Pixar’s story telling techniques, it’s often easier to study their short films. By browsing through their different short film descriptions, you can get a rough idea how each story works. Then search for that particular video on YouTube to see how they tell a story visually that begins with an opening grabber, a problem, conflict, and a resolution of some kind.

These Pixar short films have a definite structure that you’ll need to understand when writing your own screenplays. If you’re just getting started, writing a full-length, 120-page screenplay might seem too intimidating and overwhelming so try to write short Pixar-like short screenplays instead. This will give you a chance to practice writing in screenplay format while also helping you learn how to structure a story to maintain tension and suspense from beginning to end.

Click here to visit Pixar’s site of short films.

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