The Bizarre Scenes of “Snowpiercer”

A South Korean science fiction movie called “Snowpiercer” has become one of the most talked about film of the year. It’s basically about an ice age that wipes out most of the planet while a train perpetually runs on tracks around the world, holding the last remnants of humanity. However, the rich occupy the front of the train and live in luxury while the poor crowd the back of the train and live in squalor. What happens when the poor rise up to take over the train is a bizarre encounter where each scene suddenly seems more surreal than the next.

Without giving away any of the scenes, every scene is so strange, unusual, and offbeat that it catches you by surprise while dropping subtle hints along the way how the whole story will wind up. It’s an amazing example of how to turn even the simplest scenes into memorable moments that make you want to share it with others and watch it again and again.

Where most science fiction movies show standard (and boring) laser battles, “Snowpiercer” shows standard gunfire and battling scenes interspersed with totally insane characters that have to be seen to be believed. While “Snowpiercer” may be too bizarre and surreal for some people, you can’t ignore it’s eye-catching scenes that you’ll never forget once you see it.

Study “Snowpiercer” for how each scene is something so unusual that you’ll never see it in any other movie. When you see how each scene in “Snowpiercer” shows something totally new to the audience, you’ll recognize how to better craft your own scenes so they’ll be so original that audiences will have seen nothing like that before in their lives.

“Snowpiercer” is definitely worth watching for its strange, unpredictable interaction between characters in a completely foreign environment. You’ll never see anything like “Snowpiercer” again, and that’s exactly the impact you want your own screenplay to have on everyone who reads it and sees the movie your words describe.

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