Watching Good Movies

Just visit “Crackle” and you can see a lot of bad movies that you may never have heard about. Life’s too short to waste time watching bad movies. With so many movie rental options now that don’t involve choosing from the limited selection of a local video store, you can watch practically any movie from the comfort of your home right now.

Instead of wasting money buying expensive tickets to see the latest movies every weekend, here are two solutions to try. First, just look through the past Academy Award nominations and watch movies that were nominated for Best Picture or Best Original Screenplay. Then watch those movies through your favorite video streaming company such as iTunes, Netflix, etc.

Second, browse through this list of the “1,000 greatest movies ever“. With so many movies to choose from all different genres, you can watch great movies for the rest of your life without once wasting your time and money watching a poorly executed story like “The Lone Ranger” or “Disaster Movie.”

If you see an occasional mediocre or outright bad movie, study it carefully for why it’s so awful. Sometimes bad movies can teach you what not to do, but you don’t want to watch too many bad movies or else you’ll risk creating a story that’s only slightly better than the bad movies you’ve seen. Watch great movies to inspire you for what’s possible, and watch an occasional bad movie for what not to do.

You can learn from both bad and great movies. However, it’s better to strive to spend more time studying great movies than bad ones. The more you understand what makes a movie great, the more likely you’ll be able to write a great movie yourself.

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